Huwebes, Hulyo 26, 2012

How can you perform ZAKAT?

This post is supposedly a reply to @ ireminices
I am (right now) living in a country where there are Muslim Minority. In our village there are only few Muslims and Reverts, our Mosque is not even that half compare to Non-Muslim Churches. (I will make separate post about it later) I am fasting alone as i am living with my Oldies (Parents). My siblings and other relatives are all Non-Muslims. My parents, and other sister are the only reverts in (i can say) our family clan.
I was thinking about the good things to do this Ramadan. Since i am the only one fasting, i usually gets up at 7 or 8 in the morning, grooming and taking care of my baby. I spend most of my time searching the net about  Islam, about Ramadan, etc. as i am teaching myself how to read Qur'an.
Now, back to the real topic, how can i do zakat this time? i mean is it ok to give zakat to poor or misfortunate even if they are non-muslim?
In my situation, can anyone help me on how can i perform Zakat?
Is there anyone out there having the same situation as mine?
If yes, don't hesitate to share.

Biyernes, Hulyo 20, 2012

Ramadan 2012

Today marks my 2nd year Ramadan being away to my beloved husband. He is in his country while i was mine. It  is no big deal for me as i am used to it. I mean, being away with him as we have a long distance love affair as what mostly people call it.
By the way, it is not what worries me actually. as last's year Ramadan i am pregnant, i was advised by the Imam in  our local community not to continue fasting because i was pregnant.
Now, the thing that worries me is if it is ok to breastfeed my baby while fasting. I read some blogs, articles, websites saying that it is not good to fast while breastfeeding. But i cannot get some information reasonable enough to let me not to fast.
My husband told me that it is ok to fast while breastfeeding but i still, i am worried. 

Martes, Abril 3, 2012

Skinny..Fashion or Health Risk

I am 170cm in height and weighing only 48-50 kgs. I hardly gain weight no matter what i do. can anybody help me from this?

Sabado, Disyembre 3, 2011

when my happiness arrived

October 8, 2011 07:15 pm it was the day and time i deliver a bouncing, healthy, cute baby girl. All the pain i get through during labor was all gone when i finally see my baby flesh and real, i waited nine long months and i sacrificed many important things just to have her in this world with me.
I cannot even explain the feelings of mixed emotions when at last i saw her and hear her crying for the first time, she was what i ever asked from Allah, she's the best gift i received this year, i may not ask Allah of anything but her. She is my life now, i never even care about myself  before like i did now, she meant a lot to me, i cannot even leave her alone. i always want her to be beside me, when i am watching her, the bliss, the fulfillment and satisfaction of my being are all present. 
The feeling of becoming a mother cannot be compared to anything in this world. As for me, being a mother is to dedicate all your life to your child no matter how she/he was ever made, either by mistake, or out of marriage or of being inlove. Children are Allah's gift. We must treasure them. They are very precious, the most precious among all the material things on earth.
I cannot even imagine that suddenly i become a mother, not even in my mere dreams, but i am wishing one day to be one and to have a happy family, Allah listens to what i am always praying, Allah gave me the most beautiful and most cute baby girl in the world, although He did not give me the best husband, i am still thankful that the father of my child never leave me alone from the start he knew i am bearing his child. 
Maybe it's true that "you can't always get whatever you want".  Maybe were not really meant to be together, he's living thousand miles away from us, i never regret having a baby out of marriage, Allah is great for He knows what He is doing, as i am always praying that Allah give me the man who will love me, protect me and will never leave me behind, Allah gave me my husband. My husband followed me from his country to mine. We got married in Muslim rites, even if i am already 5 months pregnant that time, i am thankful that whatever mistakes i have done, we tried to make it right together.