Biyernes, Hulyo 20, 2012

Ramadan 2012

Today marks my 2nd year Ramadan being away to my beloved husband. He is in his country while i was mine. It  is no big deal for me as i am used to it. I mean, being away with him as we have a long distance love affair as what mostly people call it.
By the way, it is not what worries me actually. as last's year Ramadan i am pregnant, i was advised by the Imam in  our local community not to continue fasting because i was pregnant.
Now, the thing that worries me is if it is ok to breastfeed my baby while fasting. I read some blogs, articles, websites saying that it is not good to fast while breastfeeding. But i cannot get some information reasonable enough to let me not to fast.
My husband told me that it is ok to fast while breastfeeding but i still, i am worried. 

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  1. Asalamu alaikum thanks for sharing, learn about Ramadhan inshAllah over @ ireminisces

  2. I fasted while I was breastfeeding. It really just depends on you and your body and if you can handle it. Also, as long as your milk supply does not go down. Try it for one day and see how you feel. There is no ruling saying you have to fast and no ruling that says you cannot. Inshallah whatever you decide will be best for you!

  3. @ b.p. thanks for good reply. ALhamdullilah, i am continue brestfeeding my baby while fasting, i felt severe headache, and nausea during the 1st day of ramadhan but i feel better the next day up to now.